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Perfect Sound for Your Business

Transform your business with SiriusXM Music for Business

With 200+ commercial-free music channels accessible via high-speed internet, create a better atmosphere, boost sales, and enhance your brand.

Fully Licensed Music

All required royalty fees - including SOCAN and Re:Sound - covered and paid by us as part of your business subscription.

Exclusive Channels

200+ ad-free channels curated by business music programmers who specialize in every genre.

Music Scheduling

Manage music scheduling for single or multiple locations via remote online portal.

Brand Points PLUS SiriusXM Offer

Create atmosphere, boost sales, and build your brand's soundtrack today!

- Save $10/month off SiriusXM subscription.

- Free SiriusXM radio with $100 rebate.

- No activation fee.

Discounts on audio equipment pricing

No cost tuner

Brand Points PLUS members SAVE $10 on SiriusXM standard monthly rate

Regular Price$199.99

Exclusive Offer Price$99.99

SiriusXM Rebate- $100

= Net Cost $0

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