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We are a 100% Quebecois foodservice distribution and foodservice retail company providing a comprehensive range of products to our valued customers. More than 100 years of experience has taught us to always strive to deliver new innovative customer solutions that address the challenges of our times.

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Our foodservice clients rely on precise quality to operate their businesses and limit losses. Our work practices must therefore take into account the life cycle of our products in our storage facilities, points of sale and distribution. The quality of the food and equipment we offer is based on the careful selection of each product, on our long-lasting relationships with our partners, and on our strategy in each category.

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Our relationship of trust with our suppliers and customers depends on our transparency with each of them. We conduct product flow and service activities above all else. To do this successfully, we work with accurate information and reliable, regularly updated intelligence data that we share with our partners. This also enables us to improve our agility, facilitate our ability to adapt, and work at the same pace as our clients.

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Local Supply

Local sourcing is essential to the Mayrand strategy. It is not only a value, but a condition of our role and our development in the industry. We have chosen to grow within Quebec, serving local food service professionals and Quebec consumers. All growth of local food production is an asset to us. Our very identity as a Quebec business and distributor depends on it.

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Over the past three years, we have made a major digital shift, modernizing our IT tools and informational systems, changing our practices, and opening new stores that are fully equipped to serve our customers. We are in the midst of profoundly transforming our distribution and the tools and solutions available to our clients. The entire industry is reinventing itself at breakneck speed, and innovation is our priority as well. We are working with the technology and suppliers of the future.

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Customer Service

We are driving ultra-fast growth in all branches of our business, all while experiencing the direct impact of the current health situation on our foodservice clients. Our development is calm and continuous. It absorbs shocks and is based on respect for our employees and partners. Assessing product performance involves multiple complex factors. We are used to this in the food industry, as it is made up of living products above all else.

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Who is Mayrand Plus?

Mayrand Plus is the first independent food distributor that’s 100% Quebecois. It provides professionals in the restaurant and food retail industries as well as the institutional sector with a single point of service, offering them over 8,000 dry, frozen and refrigerated food products, packaging and supplies.

8,000 dry, frozen and refrigerated food products, packaging and supplies

100% Quebec company 100% Quebec company

Delivery anywhere in Quebec Delivery anywhere in Quebec

24/7 online ordering system 24/7 online ordering system

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