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Small in Size, Big in Personality

Do locals tell their friends and family members, “You definitely have to eat here”? The chains and franchises may have big marketing budgets and instantly recognizable brands, but many people prefer—and are fiercely loyal to—the unique, small restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in their communities.  Here are ten big ideas that don’t require a big...

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Market Report

Please note there will be a delay in the reflection of pricing trends at local distributors, attributed to the timing of inventory turnover and the arrival of new stock at distribution centers. BEEF COMMODITY MARKET REPORT Beef November 23, 2023 We have observed a surprising trend, particularly concerning rib prices. Traditionally, as we approach late...

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What’s trending? What are the hot foodservice trends for 2023? How can you incorporate these trends?

These questions don’t just apply to clothing, personal care products, and the latest bestsellers. They also apply to the foodservices industry. Being aware of applicable trends going into the new year will help restaurant owners make their customers’ experience so special that they will want to return often. Below are what Technomic foresees as foodservice...

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