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Focused on reliable customer service, Capital Foodservice listens to its customers and strives to deliver the products that today’s foodservice operators need at a fair price. We offer personal service, combined with a wide range of brand-name products you trust and the best local produce available. We provide reliable service to restaurants and foodservice operations across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

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Years of Experience

The Capital Foodservice Team has years of experience in the foodservice industry – working closely with restaurants and multi-unit operators to provide a customized approach to support, products, and services that will ensure your operation thrives and grows.

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Exceptional Service

We deliver value and exceptional service to fine dining, casual dining, family-style dining, fast-casual, and quick serve establishments whether you are a small family-owned operation, or a large, multi-national chain.

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Who is Capital Foodservice?

Your success is very important to us. That’s why we have continually upgraded our facilities, improved our systems and enhanced our fleet and services. Our entire staff, from our customer service and sales personnel, to our delivery people , strive to ensure your satisfaction each step of the way. Capital Foodservice is your choice in the Maritimes.

Over 7,700 products, including sea food and fresh meat, dairy, frozen goods and more

Our facility including 3,000 sqft. of refrigerated storage and 9,000 sqft. of freezer storage

Multi-temperature trucks serving all Atlantic Canada

Our warehouse management system allows for tracking of all goods from the point of receiving to the point of delivery at the end-user

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