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Saucy! Change any entrée with the addition of a new sauce

Every operator deals with basically the same deck of ingredients. Sorting those ingredients into a winning plate or bowl takes planning, time and creativity. But just when you have it all figured out, customers are craving something new. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ingredient up your chef coat sleeve? You do! The sauce.

“Sauce is king!” says Gerald Drummond, Executive Chef for Campbell’s Foodservice. “If you have a sauce that really complements and pops, that’s what customers remember most about the dish.”

Considerable time goes into planning and calculating the best use of proteins on your menu. You have planned ahead to drive profit and sales.

“By changing the sauce, you have a new dish,” says Chef Gerald. “(It’s) a simple way to continuously refresh your menu.”

And he knows what he’s talking about, since the chef was a foodservice operator for almost 30 years before joining the Campbell’s team. He supports operators from their point of view.

Check (your inventory)

“Our Roasted Poblano and White Cheddar is a perfect example of how Campbell’s can help operators manage their inventory. It helps with labour, ingredients and storage. Receive and serve.”

  • TIP: Using soup as an ingredient in dishes can help reduce other ingredient costs and preparation time while also adding flavour.

“Roasted Poblano and White Cheddar is an excellent soup. But it can also be spread across all dayparts of your menu. Think eggs, pasta, Spanish dishes, steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese,” says Chef Gerald.

Versatility is key and although sauces — either purchased or made from scratch — can completely change an entrée, remember you can serve them throughout your menu to really take advantage of their versatility.

Entrée's sauce

Raise the steaks (and chicken, seafood and plant-based proteins)

Switching up an entrée’s sauce is a simple way to keep your menu on trend. Customers continue to crave global flavours, healthy options and clean ingredients. Bring the world to your plates. With ease.

“We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in Asian cuisine,” says the chef.

Understanding that not every operator has his diverse background, he recommends taking advantage of manufacturers’ know-how, since they have put considerable time and energy into developing flavour forecasts and building quality products around them — like Campbell’s Pho bases.

Your odds of winning increase when you partner with manufacturers that support operators.

“We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg in Asian cuisine.”

Gerald Drummond, Executive Chef for Campbell’s Foodservice


Certainly, choose sauces to change up entrées but be creative when it comes to inserting them elsewhere on your menu. Think dips, drizzles, and dollops on appetizers and salads; change up a pizza or swirl into a soup.

  • TIPS: Consider changing up sauces for healthier options or change to plant-based:
  • Béarnaise to salsa verde
  • Aioli to gremolata
  • Mayo to hummus
  • TIPS: Take an entrée around the world — chicken breast + potato + seasonal veg — change the sauce and maybe the cooking method to effortlessly globalize your menu.
  • Chimichurri
  • Paprikash
  • Thai Green Curry
  • Ponzu
  • Sambal
  • Gochujang
  • Peri Peri
  • Romesco
  • Mole

Don’t forget about your dessert sauces

Switch from a strawberry sauce to a lime ginger mango sauce to accompany your grilled pound cake. It’s a whole new flavour experience.

“It’s small changes to a menu that can work wonders,” Chef Gerald reminds us.

A new sauce can really be your kicker. Give your operation the best hand to deal your customers a winning plate.


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