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Small but mighty. Plant seeds to grow your menu.

No matter how you plant them, seeds can grow into a mighty delicious menu. These tiny, power-packed ingredients can be sprinkled, stirred, crushed and ground to add texture, colour, flavour and nutrition wherever they are sown.

“Seeds add texture and interest to the appearance of a dish,” says Victoria Horton, in charge of sales and quality assurance at Horton Spice Mills.

“Right now, an everything bagel blend is always on hand in my kitchen. It’s great on meats, veggies and salad.”

TRY THIS: Everything bagel blend

  • 30 mL poppy seeds
  • 15 mL white sesame seeds
  • 15 mL black sesame seeds
  • 15 mL minced garlic
  • 15 mL minced onion
  • 10 mL sea salt flakes
  • Toast the sesame seeds, if desired, for a stronger flavour. Try sprinkling this blend on the crust of pizza before baking. Or how about on hard boiled eggs, avocado toast, Buddha bowls, and sandwiches?

“At Horton Spice Mills, we are focused on providing access to edible seeds of the highest quality to ensure the best possible flavour result, either ground or whole.”

Grow into flavour

“The flavour is hidden inside most seeds,” says Horton.

  • TIP: Dry-roast, crush, grind or simmer for maximum flavour extraction.

Roasting whole spices in a dry pan intensifies flavours and makes them easier to grind. Large quantities can be dry-roasted in the oven.

Frying also brings out the flavour, which infuses the oil. Try heating a sweet vinaigrette containing celery seeds before pouring over bean salad or coleslaw.

Freshly ground or crushed seeds are always more aromatic than already ground, not to mention cost effective.

“Whole seeds are generally cheaper than ground as they are not manufactured. They also have a long shelf life.”

Grow into health

“Whole seeds promote the idea of health,” says Horton. She remembers as a kid being freaked out when her bread had seeds on it. Now she looks for them. “And, I really enjoy seeds in my salads.”

Although consumers continue to demand healthy options, they will not compromise on flavour. Adding seeds is a simple delicious solution — great as crunchy coatings for lean cuts of fish and chicken, wonderful toasted and crushed to garnish seasonal vegetable sides, versatile when stirred into the plant-based entrées your customers are craving increasingly.

There’s no place on the menu that couldn’t be enhanced by the addition of seeds:

  • Use them to poach fruits.
  • Turn to them for health benefits and a zing of taste.
  • Sprinkle them on plain yogurt or use in a dip for crudités.
  • Give them prominent on a whole grain crust veggie pizza.

“Whole seeds are generally cheaper than ground as they are not manufactured. They also have a long shelf life.”

Victoria Horton, Sales and quality assurance at Horton Spice Mills

Grow globally

Seeds are universal. The distinctive flavours of worldly cuisine would be remiss without them. What would these foods be without their seeds? Pepperoni without fennel. Rye bread without caraway. Garam masala without cardamom, coriander or cumin. Pickles without mustard.

Your customers’ demand for global cuisine is not dissipating. Embrace using seeds to enhance your ability to stay on trend and tempt palates without cutting into profits.

TRY THIS: DUKKAH – an Egyptian nut and spice blend

  • 500 mL hazelnuts and/or almonds
  • 125 mL white sesame seeds
  • 250 mL coriander seeds
  • 85 mL cumin seeds
  • 5 mL sea salt
  • Oven roast nuts and dry-pan roast seeds. Transfer to grinder with salt and pulse to medium-fine consistency. Add freshly ground pepper to taste.

A bounty of flavour lies ahead when you plant seeds across your menu. Your customers will reap the goodness; your operation will harvest the rewards.

Find out more about Horton Spice Mills’ whole seeds inventory

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