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Crépe affaire: heat things up with dutch-style pancakes

Heat things up with dutch-style pancakes

In light of current trends, and especially during these cooler weather months, hot desserts are, well… they’re hot. Consumer interest in innovative takes and ethnic twists on dessert continues to be on the rise. Surpass customers’ expectations by including an array of Dutch-style pancake offerings from Cérélia to create sweet treats (and a few savoury dishes) for your menu. Here’s a selection of tips and ideas your customers will flip over.


Akin to mini-sized pancakes, these soft and super-puffy pancakes are a classic Dutch treat. A mainstay at festivals and fairs from street vendors in the Netherlands, they’re often served warm with icing sugar, syrup or fruit. Cérélia Poffertjes need only be heated before serving with your sweet or savoury toppings of choice.

Sweet Poffertjes — Heat and serve with:

  • Icing sugar and lemon simple syrup
  • Melted butter and cinnamon sugar
  • Warm chocolate hazelnut spread thinned with cream and sliced bananas
  • Warm apricot jam and vanilla ice cream
  • Warm maple syrup, caramelized apples and toasted walnuts

Belgian Chocolate Poffertjes — Heat and serve with:

  • Skewered, alternating with strawberries and drizzled with salted caramel sauce
  • Warm cherry compote and crème fraiche
  • Icing sugar and whipped cream
  • Ice cream, chocolate sauce and toasted sliced almonds
  • Liqueur, such as Grand Marnier, Amaretto or Advocaat and whipped cream

Smoked Gouda Poffertjes — Heat and serve with:

  • Skewered, with prosciutto-wrapped shrimp, and served with basil pesto
  • Skewered, with chorizo sausage and grape tomatoes, and served with warm Marinara sauce
  • In a skillet, with Cheddar cheese sauce and salsa as a shared appetizer
  • Melted garlic butter and shredded Asiago cheese


Similar to both French crêpes (though not quite as thin) and North American-style pancakes (but definitely thinner), this traditional Dutch pancake is one of the most versatile base menu items going. Plain, they can be filled, rolled, folded and topped with any number of options, from sweet to savoury and from breakfast through to dessert. A trio of filled and rolled offerings from Cérélia need only be warmed through and served as is, or with a simple garnish or two.

7″ Plain Pannenkoeken — Heat and serve with:

  • Stacked as a crêpe cake with orange simple syrup and cardamom whipped cream
  • Whipped mascarpone cheese and whipped cream topped with fresh fruit
  • Spread with cream cheese and smoked salmon, then rolled and sliced as canape-size “pinwheels”
  • Filled with sautéed spinach, ham and Cheddar cheese
  • Folded and topped with salami and fried egg for breakfast

Strawberry-Filled Pannenkoeken — Heat and serve with:

  • Hot fudge or chocolate sauce
  • Dusted with icing sugar
  • Drizzled with cream cheese icing
  • Alongside Chocolate-Filled Pannenkoeken

Apple-Filled Pannenkoeken — Heat and serve with:

  • As is, as a dessert-style pastry
  • Dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar
  • Warm caramel sauce
  • Aged Cheddar cheese and toasted slivered almonds

Belgian Chocolate-Filled Pannenkoeken — Heat and serve with:

  • Vanilla ice cream and brandied cherries
  • Fresh blueberries and raspberries
  • Whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate
  • Coffee or espresso-flavoured mousse

Let your creativity flow

  • Dutch Crêpes are the perfect base for any meal
  • You can choose any sweet or savoury topping or filling
  • Dutch Crêpes and Poffertjes are trending on menus
  • A very versatile product that is fully cooked — ideal for QSR’s

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